"War-Horses @ Elspeet Memorial Tour"

This website is for your acquaintance with the War-Horses Foudation which was founded in 1989. Our objectives are to be read here. Through this website we would like to show you how we translated our objectives into a program for our members. We hope to give you a good impression of the ins and outs of our foundation. I wish you, on behalfe of the board, a nice visit to this site.

Kind regards,

Timo Pronk, Chairman.

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Latest News:

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A meeting of another kind is the coffeechat. Twice a year this meeting is held. Another nice opportunity to meet with other members to exchange pictures, technical information as well as spare parts, and of course there's lots of coffee. The members of the board are allways attending these meetings so you are able to purchase original clubitems. Depending on the location we can arrange for presentations or showing video's. The main purpose is the exchange of information. During these and other events you can have your vehicle checked by a member of the technical committee.

Technical committee.




The technical committee's main job is inspection of the vehicles to reward them with the quality-mark "War-Horses Accepted". This mark, being put on your vehicle, gives you entrance to events of the War-Horses Foundation. On top of that, the committee has over a thousand technical books in a central librarie. They will give you the best advice on the paperwork and regular inspections for your vehicle.



On a regular bases the ministery of defence invites us to their visitors days to provide in an historical exposition of military vehicles. We, on our turn, will invite our members to come to such occasions with their vehicles. Those vehicles are the best samples within our foundation. War-Horses can easily compete with other and bigger oldtimerclubs were it comes to performance and professionalism. The "driving museum" of the War-Horses Foundation is a gathering of vehicles owned by our members. In exception of those vehicles that are not being sold on an open marketplace from the periode 1945 - 1965.



Since 1994 the War-Horses Foundation owns a 1994 DAF YP-408 mortarpuller. It was fully restaured in about 1½ years and its fully equiped. This YP has been given licenseplates of an historical truck and is allowed to be driven on public roads. Other projects are still in evaluation.



Four times a year this magazine appears. Over 20 pages on A4-format. Herein you can read about the issues that are to a concern of the foundation. Things that we think are to value to your hobby will appear also as well as reports, technical stuff, and coming events.


Members can advertise in the clubmagazine for free, they can also put in articles.



The War-Horses Foundation is a member of the Federation of historical motorcars and motorbikes.

Becomming a member:


If you want to become a member of War-Horses, apply via e-mail and we will send you an applicationform. We think it's important that our members endorse our objectives. Owning a military vehicle is not a must.

Information: E-mail vragen@war-horses.nl